For a tour of this duration heavy duty racks are a necessity.  We opted for the German made Tubus racks which have been serving cycle tourists for years.  They are also fully compatible with our Ortlieb Panniers and the rear racks have a second, lower, horizontal bar to keep the weight in a more stable position.  We went for the ___ model for our front racks and ____ model for our rear racks.  The rear racks we chose were not specifically made to avoid disc brakes so some modifications have been made which are detailed on the Kona page.  We went with the traditional brushed steel rather than the newer and pricey titanium versions.


Update 11/8/10: Four months in and the racks are in great shape.  The outer brushed coat has worn off where the racks clip on but the steel below looks perfectly solid.

Tubus Racks





Price: $ per set of 4

Front Capacity:

Rear Capacity: