Bears like food, and so do we.  The Bear Vault is our solution to this little ecological conflict.  The container is tested against grizzlies and can stand up to some serious abuse. It s different from most of its competitors in a few ways.  


  1. It is clear, which allows you to find your grub of choice without unnecessary digging.  
  2. The locking mechanism is not based on screws which eliminates the need for a tool to open it.
  3. It is a perfect cylinder which means easier packing and strapping.
  4. The lid completely removes, so you don’t have to deal with the annoying lip inhibiting access.
  5. It has a flat, wide top which makes it a handy camp stool.


Warning: Apparently there is a single bear in the Adirondack Mountains which has solved the puzzle of the Bear Vault!  Beware!

Bear Vault 500 Bear Canister





Price: $67

Weight: 2 lbs

Height: 12.7 in

Diameter: 8.7 in

Capacity: 700 cu. in


Update 8/2/10:

With plenty of time to chill in Watson Lake, we found an alternative use for the Bear Vault.  The Bear Keg!  We packed the thing with outrageously priced Canadian beer and poured in some ice.  It is waterproof and the wide mouth makes for easy access.  Simply covering it with a towel provided enough insulation to keep the brews cold for a whole day.



Update 11/8/10: We said goodbye to our second bear vault container as we finished off California.  These things lived up to expectation and we look forward to suing them in the future when we are back in bear country.