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Packing up our apartment in San Francisco was a grueling task. We had to decide what we needed for the next 3.5 months and what could be packed away for 2+ years. Amtrak was pleased to receive our 60 boxes to ship across the country. With In-N-Out burgers in hand and our bikes strapped to the trunk we stole away into the night.

Felling comfortable on your bike is more than just having the right frame size. Our friends at NorCal Bike Sport took Devon through a lengthy fitting process. Everything from the pedals to the handlebars was adjusted to match his body’s dimensions.

Being locked to our pedals for 15,000 miles will improve our energy efficiency, possibly saving thousands of protein bars worth of energy. Clipping in is easy; remembering to free your foot is a completely separate demon.

Road Trip!  | 3.24.10 |

Fitting Time.  | 2.13.10 |

Clip-less Pedals?  | 3.18.10 |


February to April 2010

After a long day of cycling, running, and organizing our mess of boxes we decided to oil our pedals. When we first installed them our oil was nowhere to be found so we left it out. Unfortunately this caused the screws to become overly tight. Devon used his brute strength to muscle the first pedal loose and was met with a handful of chain-ring teeth.

They call it a laceration.  | 4.7.10 |

Our Brooks saddles arrived from the UK stiff and taut. Each saddle had to be soaked in a bath of oil to help loosen the leather and allow it to mold to our sit bones. After the first ride we noticed a visible change in the shape of the saddle.

Saddle Up!  | 4.15.10 |


Racks, just in time!  | 4.26.10 |

We decided to upgrade from the aluminium racks that come with our bikes to some true touring racks.  We went with heavy duty stainless steel Tubus racks.  Here are some photos of the installation at Bicycle World of West U.

MS 170 Part 1  | 4.29.10 |

Here are some shots from the first part of our trip to Austin.  170 miles in two days!.

May and June 2010