January 2011

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Eastern Michoacan | 1.10.11 |

Michoacan’s distinctive culture led us through several world heritage sites including the beautiful city of Morelia. The mountains of the Sierra Madres proved formidable challenges for us and our bicycles. Giving us momentum through the rough hills was the hospitality of a family of bakers 90 kilometers outside of Morelia.

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Guadalajara | 1.2.11 |

We celebrated our six month anniversary of cycling by ringing in the new year in Guadalajara. During our time in the city we attended a Lucha Libre match and explored the city streets. After six months on the road sleeping in the same bed for over a week and cooking full meals in a kitchen was greatly appreciated.

Back on the Road in Michoacan | 1.6.11 |

Saying goodbye to the luxuries of city life in Guadalajara was difficult. We were immediately consoled by the surprises of the smaller villages where everyone is working and everything has a use. The lakeside villages of Lake Patzcuaro offered a chance to explore the heart of Michoacan.

Mexico City: Ruins, Murals and Bullfights| 1.18.11 |

Before entering Mexico we planned to skip the chaos of one of the world’s most massive cities. As we rode closer it became apparent that Mexico City was an adventure not to be missed. We were rewarded with ruins, famous murals, and a once in a lifetime bullfight.

The Butterfly Reserve | 1.13.11 |

Our first taste of the Sierra Madres brought us to the Cerro Pelon Monarch Butterfly Reserve. After a night of camping below the mountain peak we trekked 7 kilometers to the home of the butterflies. They silently rested in the trees. As the sun increased in intensity so did the butterflies. By the end of the adventure we were surrounded by the graceful creatures.