May to June 2010

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Goodbye Flatasaurus Rex! (and MS170 II)  | 5.6.10 |

Installing Jess’s new Continental ‘Travel Contact’ tires and notching our first century on our way back to Houston.  

Bumbling Bicycle Boxing | 6.26.10 |

Soooo..... disassembling, padding and packing our bikes was arduous task, but we kept it goofy and that broke it up a bit.  

Still, it was about 95 degrees out there in the garage till the sun went down.  Needless to say we were relieved to get inside and work on packing the rest of the gear.

Cupcakes and Cacti  | 5.27.10 |

5 cupcakes is a a lot. 5 Quack’s cupcakes in 45 minutes something to get me excited.

We also took the time to do yard work.. with a machete.


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Jess Fitting | 5.16.10 |