This thing is the real deal.  All of the research I’ve done indicates that this is one of the most reliable and economical lightweight stove around.  It can run on almost any fuel, which will come in handy when high quality cooking fuel will have to five way to unleaded gasoline.

There are two drawbacks to this stove we know about going in.  First, it is loud, like a mini aircraft engine.  Second, it only has one setting, ON.  That makes for tricky cooking if we want to get more complicated than boiling water.

MSR XKG Expedition Stove





Price: $120

Weight:13.2 oz.

Fuel: Multiple - Napthia, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, nail polish etc.

Update 8/1/10:

With over a month of cooking we’ve been more than satisfied with the stove. It’s performed in wet and windy weather without fail.  We have started doing more creative things with it and found that holding the cooking surface over the stove allows for simmering and sauteing. We even had the chance to cook smores the last two nights, it worked great!


We did have to cook with gasoline for a few nights and will try to avoid that as much as possible.  The fuel burns dirtier and the smell doesn’t dissipate as it does with white fuel.