November 2010

October 2010

Tijuana Border Crossing to Ensenada | 11.12.10 |

Crossing the border at Tijuana wasn’t nearly as harrowing as we expected.  We made it to Rosarito by mid-afternoon and met up with four fellow cyclists who had a place for us to stay that first night.

The next day we headed to Ensenada and crammed into the Casa de Cyclistas which is a place for touring cyclists to stay for free as they pass through.  One night in Ensenada was enough.  The next morning we headed to La Bufadora a large coastal blowhole 30 miles out of town.

Venice to Mexican Border; Goodbye USA | 11.9.10 |

Riding through Southern California was busily beautiful. We rolled past surf town after surf town. Our time in San Diego was split with a week long break which took us back to Texas. After visiting our families and witnessing two of our friends tie the knot we travelled at jet speed back to San Diego.  The following day we headed into Mexico!

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Dusty Northern Baja | 11.21.10 |

After navigating through the tourist focused border towns we started heading south into the heat of Baja. Our tires were tested as we hit a long stretch of road construction and made a detour to the beach.  We passed through dusty towns dominated by the single road blasting its way through the otherwise sleepy pueblos.  In each we have found ourselves weighing the worth of the local taco stands.

Desert Solitaire | 11.22.10 |

After San Quintin we had a day of tailwind and flat riding before we headed into the desert for six days. Suddenly we met hills and heat face to face. Water became a scarce resource which we hauled across the desert. On the fourth day we started our descent back to the Pacific Coast and civilization.

Dust and Sand | 11.29.10 |

A rest day in Guerro Negro gave us some time to recharge before heading across the peninsula to the Sea of Cortez. The beautiful oasis of San Ignacio brought with it a welcome sight, greenery that wasn’t covered in thorns!  After sleeping under the date palms we made the final push to the east coast and found ourselves relaxing on a pristine beach south of Mulege