October 2010

September 2010

Bay Area, Pumpkin Festival, and the Central Coast | 10.12.10 |

Riding back into the Bay Area felt like coming home. We spent a week with the Russell family in Sonoma Valley. Tasting beer, wine, and gourmet peppers. Our ride across the Golden Gate bridge was much anticipated, bringing us full circle to the birth place of our trip. After spending a week in the City we headed south along the Central Coast. It was full of pumpkins, berries and vegetables!

Big Aquarium, Big Sur, Big Seals | 10.22.10 |

Monterey, a few hundred miles south of SF is home to the best aquarium on the West Coast.  We saw a huge variety of exotic sea life before continuing on to legendary Big Sur, where we were met with cliff hugging roads, fog banks and beautiful vistas.  As the terrain levelled out we passed an elephant seal colony and stayed as guests of the Saarloos Winery in Los Olivos before officially entering SoCal in Santa Barbara.

Venice to Mexican Border; Goodbye USA | 11.9.10 |

Riding through Southern California was busily beautiful. We rolled past surf town after surf town. Our time in San Diego was split with a week long break which took us back to Texas. After visiting our families and witnessing two of our friends tie the knot we travelled at jet speed back to San Diego.  The following day we headed into Mexico!