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Equipment Highlight

Nemo Morpho 2P Tent


We decided to test this innovative tent design.  It uses inflatable tubes as opposed to traditional folding tent poles to form the frame of the tent. This allows for increased pack ability and speedy set-up.  The durability of the tubes is obviously a concern, but after reading many reviews and discovering that the tubes are contained within a sleeve of sailcloth we determined that this was a new technology worth trying out.

Current Location:

Houston, TX, USA

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Literature Review

Wind, Sand and Stars:

By Antoine De Saint Exupery (1939)


Setting: The Sahara Desert and the Andes Mountains



We take for granted the routine and often mundane plane ride. The airplane to the modern eye appears refined and fluid in functionality. Its dangerous and unreliable past falls out of context until the news reminds us that planes still do plummet to the ground unpredictably. Written in the late 1930’s, Wind, Sand and Stars puts you in the pilot’s seat of our pioneer aviators. Antoine De Saint Exupery spent years flying the open airs over the Sahara and the Andes with Latecoere, a French company. He takes us through a variety of tribulations he experienced while flying, often ending in heroic rescues of a fallen aircraft. The breadth of our time is spent exploring the memory of De Saint Exupery’s strenuous battle with dehydration and starvation after crashing in the Sahara Desert. He and his fellow aviator Pervot wrestle with the prospect of death while awaiting rescue. The constant adventure and struggle of man and machine keeps the reader’s imagination racing for the entire 243 pages.



P30 “We forget that there is no hope of joy except in human relations.”


P181 “We had wandered from the trail of the human species; we had cast ourselves forth from the tribe; we had found ourselves alone on earth and forgotten by the universal migration; and here, imprinted in the sand, were the divine and naked feet of man!”

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