Located in the heart of Pike’s Place Market the brewery seems to cater to the thirsty tourist. The inside of the brewery is decorated in a 70’s diner fashion with checker tiles, t-shirts for sale and serving trays hanging on the walls. You can pick up a discount coupon from the information kiosk around the corner from the brewery before you head in, which you will need to purchase a pricey pint.


Pike Weisse - Putting this to our lips we expected a sweet flavor rolling over our tongue as a tartness wafted up into our nose.  Unfortunately it only delivered the former and lacked the punch of the latter.  This was very disappointing as I really expect and desire sourness out of a Weisse beer.  Perhaps this was their attempt to please a more fickle American audience but I want something with a lot more tang out of my European style wheat beers.


Dry Wit - The malt and tartness of this beer was very well balanced.  It is also brewed with coriander and lavender which give it a complexity.  Jess also identified a hint of ginger. Overall, this beer was rich and interesting and far superior to the Pike Weisse.


Kilt Lifter - I was not too familiar with this style of Scottish Ale but have come away a changed man.  The beer was smooth and malty like porter but still light and easy to gulp like a good ale. This combination was great.  I felt like a few of these would provide a great rich beer taste but wouldn’t be too smoky or filling. The amber color was also aesthetically pleasing.


Tandem - Classified as a Double Ale, we expected this beer to deliver a strong punch, which never came. There were traces of complexity within the brew but not much maltiness in the mix. Personally I would like to “know it” when I am drinking something that is 7% alcohol.



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Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

Brews Tasted:

Dry Wit

Pike Weisse

Kilt Lifter


Website: http://www.pikebrewing.com/